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Check out our store in New York with the best indoor & outdoor plants that are suitable for growing exactly in your conditions.


Fill Your Home and Garden With Beautiful, Green Plants!

Our shop offers you to buy home plants to decorate your home or office. In our offline shop, you will find the best selection of flowers and evergreens at attractive prices. We get indoor flowers from the best suppliers in NY, all plants are grown with strict adherence to technology. We offer:


Plants for Home

We offer a huge selection of flowers and evergreens that will be a joy to see for many years. A charming plant will be a great addition to the interior.

Plants for Garden

Turn your yard into a colorful lawn! Here you will find dozens of varieties of flowers, both in the form of seeds, and already sprouted.  

Sale of Flowerpots

Purchase flowerpots for plants of any type, from small flowers to huge palm trees. Our store offers only quality flowerpots from trusted manufacturers.

Soil for Plants

It's not easy to find quality soil in New York. We offer the best options for your plants. The soil we sell is decontaminated and enriched with nutrients.

Plant Food

We offer everything you need to care for plants. Here you'll find a wide selection of fertilizers and medicinal products to combat flower diseases.


We not only sell plants and everything related to them but are also ready to answer any of your questions! Contact us to select the best plant!


Our Plants

We sell both indoor and outdoor varieties of plants.


Small Ornamental Plants

Such plants will fit on any windowsill, decorate your home or work table. Chlorophytum, money plants, aglaonema are not demanding in care but very beautiful.


Indoor Trees

It's a beautiful and original option for a large room. A small indoor tree will add some zest to the office or a large living room. Large dracaena, ficus, alocasia will be a great option for your space.


Plants in Florarium

These are neatly planted compositions of succulents, grassroots, decorative ferns. Plants are selected so that they are in perfect harmony. Order your unique set of plants!


Big Ornamental Plants

Charming pachypodium, yucca, monstera will become a stunning decoration of your room or office. These plants will make a great impression on your guests.


Outdoor Flowers

Flowers form the basis of the exterior and are the first to catch the eye. Charming anemones, freesia, lilies will provide brightness and a pleasant aroma. Choose your outdoor flower! 



Succulents do not require constant care, perfectly take root in any yard, look nice, and stylish. We will help you to create the optimal composition of succulents in your garden.


Decorative Moss

Decorative moss and lichen will make the garden truly special. Thanks to their density, coloring, and appearance, you can create a unique picture on the site. 


Decorative Conifers

The real decoration of any yard is decorative coniferous trees. Thuja, mountain pines, cedar pines will charm anyone! These are unpretentious, but very beautiful trees.

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Have a Question?

We are happy to answer any questions! Come to our store or leave your question in the contact form!

  • Do you sell trees?

    Yes, in our store, you can buy decorative trees for the garden.

  • Can I buy already grown-up plants?

    Of course, we have a large greenhouse where we grow plants. You can buy an adult plant in a pot.

  • Can I buy plants online?

    No, we don't have an online store. To buy a plant, come to our offline store or leave us a message.


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Why Choose Us

In our store and greenhouse, we grow and sell only the best plants. With PlantLand you can make your home or office cozier.

  • Best Plants

    We sell plants from the best gardeners and our own greenhouse. In our store, you will find even the most exotic flowers, trees, shrubs. 

  • Related Products

    In addition to plants, you can buy everything you need to grow them. We offer top dressing, fertilizers, accessories, flowerpots, and much more. 

  • Consultations

    You will receive all the necessary information about the plan you buy. We will tell you how to properly prepare the plant for planting, how to water it, and keep it alive.

Want to Visit Our Greenhouse?

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Best Prices for Plants

We offer affordable and prices for flowers, indoor and outdoor plants. 

from $20

Small plants

Money PlantBryophyllumPhilodendron 

from $30


GraptosedumElephant bushCrassula ovata

from $20


Raphis PalmCedar pineThuja

from $25

Big plants

DracaenaDieffenbachiaRubber Tree

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Our main task is to help you make sure that your home is always full of greenery, oxygen, and comfort!

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    Dani Samston

    I bought flowers to decorate our home 3 years ago in this store. All plants still live and bloom. We buy all fertilizers for them only at PlantLand.

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    Linda Peterson

    Thank you so much for helping me take care of my home flower garden. PlantLand sells excellent fertilizers and quality solution for pest control.

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    Sandy Johnson

    I bought trees and shrubs here for my home garden. Surprisingly, all plants took root. There were no problems at all with their planting and cultivation.




We often share useful information on cultivating and caring for indoor and outdoor plants. Check out our latest blog posts!




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